Modular Operation Theatre

Lets have a new look on the wide range of Modular Operation Theatre which is widely designed and provided to offer care to patients with a range of conditions. This theatre is clinically tested under various parameters to ensure its effectiveness. This reduces surgery times and improves comfort for surgeons performing the procedure. Right now, Modular Operation Theatre is available in few varieties such as Prefabricated Operation Theatre, and Modular Operation Theater. This room is brightly lit and the temperature is very cool. This room is mainly used by surgeons to perform surgery of their patients. This room is very effective and economical to use.
Product Image (Modular OT)

Modular Operation Theater

Price: 1000000.00 - 2600000.00 INR

The wall and ceiling panel of Modular Operation Theatre can be made out of following material as per customer requirement. A) 1.6mm thick EGP steel panels backed by 12mm thick Gypsum. B) Stainless steel SS202 or SS304 panels. C) High-pressure Laminate panels as per EN standard. D) PUF sandwiched panel. The Operation room wall will have two independent surfaces with a minimum opening in between. The external walls of the Modular OT room will be constructed with solid bricks with cement plastering. The inner surfaces walls will be constructed with 1.60mm thick EGP steel panels backed by 12-mm gypsum board (India gypsum make) these panels will have flame resistance to BS1142 part 3.


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